Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Hop Day 8

It's day 8 already.
In case you just stumbled upon my blog this is day 8 of the Cross Country Quilt Designers Blog Hop.

Today's featured designer is Terri Degenkolb from Whimsical. I just love the "whimsy" :) look of all of her designs. I am anxiously waiting to see what project she has designed.
Find Terri's project here.

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Topic for the day is: First Christmas on your own.

We were married November 3rd, 1973.

It seemed like in no time at all Christmas had arrived. We did not have a lot of money to spend on decorating. I however, insisted on a real Christmas tree. We lived in a very tiny apartment so we purchased a very tiny tree we could set on our very tiny table. I bought a package of ornaments and strung cranberries and popcorn and that was the extent of the Christmas decorating. No skirt. No tree topper.

It looks like I was eating the popcorn as I was stringing.
The bottom half of the tree just has cranberries.
Neither one of us could remember the gifts we had given each other.
Then we found this picture and realized -oh yes, no money - no gifts.

We must have had enough money to eat.
It looks like I cooked either a chicken or a very small turkey.
Whatever it was - it made Bruce happy.

By our second Christmas I had managed to make
a few Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree.
Now we also have a tree topper.
And it looks like we bought some presents.

I even was able to make Bruce a Christmas stocking.
I can’t remember what I put in it. Coal??

The next year Calico Christmas decorations were all the rage.
Vogue had issued this pattern for ornaments, a wreath
and a tree skirt made out of calico.

I purchased calico and pin dot fabrics at our local Ben Franklin. Remember pin dots? It seems like I sewed forever before I was finished.

I have kept some of the ornaments and still hang them on my tree. I eventually made the tree skirt and wreath.

As we looked through the boxes of pictures - yes mine are in boxes -in no particular order - Our little tree looked better every year. We worked hard and experienced some success. Eventually we were able to buy a house.

Now we can buy a tree that sits on the floor
and goes all the way to the ceiling,
complete with decorations, lights and a tree topper.

I know this was supposed to be about our first Christmas but you really needed to see two and three to appreciate one.
We are very fortunate to have the kids close by, so we are able to spend all the holidays together.
Everyone is happy and healthy.
We have been blessed.

I am off to check out all of the other designer's blogs to read about their first Christmas on their own.

Tomorrows featured designer will be Sherri from This 'N' That.
The topic will be: A kid story, either about your kids if you have any or other kids, even yourself.

Happy Hopping.

From my heart,


  1. I love the your current tree, it is so pretty with its shinny red balls. Sorry I love shinny ornaments.

  2. fun, fun, fun! Isn't it amazing how we incorporate so much as we move through each holiday! Great post and I love all of your trees.

  3. Hi Sandy, I love the progression pics - always a pleasure to read your blog, but esp. now.

  4. Your tree now is amazing. It looks just like a Sandy tree! And the photos of your husband are great!

  5. Wonderful memories. And the first tree is just as lovely as the last. I love the picture of your husband with the chicken. So sweet.

  6. What great memories!! Yes, I think you probably were eating the pop corn too, but sure made a funny pic!! Funny thing about not having too much $$, we can usually make a great time when we have each other and know we are blessed. Love your blog!

  7. Isn't it fun to see how our trees "grow" over the years? Problem is - I "grew" too....LOL

    And all the memories as each Christmas comes along. Hubby and I were married in 1974 - one year after we graduated from High School - he's the only guy I ever dated.

    Thank you for the photos you so graciously are sharing...a walk down memory lane for all of us.

  8. We were married the very same year, and your pictures look so similar. I also made my hubby a stocking and we still use it every year :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing your first Christmas memories!

  10. Your current tree is just beautiful and the first ones are just so cute...we had many years just like that, LOL
    Linda P in IL

  11. Pindots and calico - oh the memories! :-)

  12. My first tree was pretty nice. It was decorated with all of the ornaments I had been making since I was a kid. I loved those things. Unfortunately they are all gone as well as everything else I owned before 2000 .. long story. THanks for sharing your lovely little trees and your big one.

  13. I love all the pictures.Very fun. And I still love pindots.. can't help it!

  14. If you look to the meaning of each of your trees I'm thinking that the first one is the best!!!

  15. Did Bruce star in a show called the Brady Bunch? Seriously, that first pic of him on this post was a flashback for me! Cute darling first tree.

  16. Love the tree progression. And oh my goodness, I still have that Vogue pattern!!!

  17. I had that Vogue pattern & made many of the projects -- too funny. I never thought I'd be seeing that one again!

  18. Oh my gosh ... I have ... yes, still have that very same Vogue Pattern! Perhaps we are all "sewl sisters"! Thanks for the memories!
    Vic z

  19. There is nothing like those early days of no money and livin' on LUV!

  20. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thanks for the pictures. Enjoy your blog.


  22. Gracias, que conmovedora historia.Me parece que todos hemos pasado por eso, del poco dinero para comprar arbol,adornos y lo demas.
    Por suerte miramos a la distancia y ahora estamos mejor.

  23. I love the progression. I'm so tempted to head to my photos to get out my first few pics of our tree....since my kids were born I have pics of them in front of the tree every year (now they cover the tree) but I want to see the ones before the kids!!!!

  24. I love all the stories! Happy anniversary(a bit late).

  25. Most of us have to start out just like you did. Makes for great memories too.

  26. I love your pictures from Christmases past.

  27. Loved the pictures! I also have that pattern and just gave my daughter the advent calendar I made many years ago using that pattern.

  28. Sweet you have some of those ornaments :)

  29. I was married Nov 12,1972 and then moved to calif. So understand the really tight budget, we skipped the tree the first year, but never again. I love your tree in your bay window.

  30. looks like that spot was just made for a Christmas tree--I love them by windows!

  31. Love the progression of your life - the pics are great!

  32. Oh! Mah! Gah! I had that Vogue pattern--I can't find it now so I guess it's long gone. Anyway, I only made the advent calendar--it was my very first patchwork thing and also the last for many years. I still hang it up every year and fill all the pockets with little candy canes. I am amazed to see that the picture on the pattern looks almost exactly like my tree! I must have hunted down nearly the same fabrics.

  33. Now that I look more closely at the pattern, I see that I also made the little angels. I probably borrowed the pattern from my sister, because I remember seeing the little stockings hanging on her tree and maybe some of the other ornaments.

  34. I love that Vogue pattern, I also have two others that are felt (house, star, etc) and one that is felt embroidery. And, I still have them. Just got out the felt and wool and I'm going to town. Like I need any more ornaments!

  35. Your tree is gorgeous in front of the window. Thank you for posting for the 12 days and for sharing your memories with us.

  36. What a beautiful, touching story. Thank you for sharing your happy ending with us:-)

  37. Reading these posts bring back Christmas's from my childhood. I have such great Christmas memories!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  38. OMG, I have that Vogue pattern and made many decorations for my first married Christmas, in 1980! I still make the little stockings but I use cross-stitch fabric with a name embroidered with a holly leaf and berry alphabet, and I do not stuff the stocking. I have made a few dozen of these for co-workers over the years. The rule is that you have to work for the company for at least a year before I make you a stocking! Lately I've been making them for my youngest DD's boyfriend of the moment at Christmastime...that means another one for this year! Thanks for the story and smiles :)