Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Hop Day 11

Hello, it's day 11 of the Cross Country Quilt Designers Blog Hop.
That means it is the 11th day of Christmas.

Before we get to the 11th day of Christmas, I must announce the winner of the Crazy 8 Charm Pack™/Brrrr! pattern.
And the winner is mjwadle who said... Cute story about Abby! I got the call at work this summer when the kids were home alone and Megan said "Reece says you are Santa and the Tooth Fairy". How do ya answer that one? Love reading your blog : )
mjwadle please email me here with your address.

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my blog posts. I really enjoy reading the comments. I feel somewhat connected to all of you through this blog hop.

With out further ado, let me introduce the designer of the day. Please welcome Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage.

Roseann has designed a very cool project for you.
Even cooler - it's FREE.
Check it out here.
Don't forget to comment on her blog so you will be eligible from the prizes.

1st Prize A gift bag worth $250
2nd Prize A gift bag worth $70
3rd Prize A gift bag worth $40

Have any of you already completed a project from this hop? If so, photograph it and post it here on Fickr. If not, check it out anyway, there are many cool completed projects already posted.

The topic for the day is: Favorite Christmas Quilt or Using Quilts to Decorate for Christmas.

I have been designing fabric for Moda Fabrics for 15 years. I design 6 lines of fabric a year. 6 X 15 - that's 90 lines - give or take. I have designed quilts for all of these lines of fabric. Bottom line - I have a lot of quilts. Not just mine, but ones I have bought over the years - antique ones, some I have bought from friends, some I have received as gifts.

Here are just a few ways I use quilts other than on a bed.

You have already seen this picture - As a tree shirt.

As a tablecloth.

Draped in a trunk.

As a framed picture.

Simply folded and stacked to the ceiling.

Little quilts to add warmth and texture.

As a backdrop for my Santa collection. Draped over chairs.

I used this one as a rug in my booth at International Quilt Market.
I never quite have enough wall space and it softens the hard "paneled" floor.
I always place a quilt on our living room floor at Christmas time.
(Sorry - no picture and I was not about to reenact it.)
Don't be afraid to do this.
Remember they are more washable than your carpet.
When was the last time you threw you carpet in the washer and dryer?
I have more, but of course I do not have pictures. Leave me a comment I would love to hear how you use quilts to decorate.
Hop on along to the other designer's blogs to see how they decorate with quilts.

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My goodness tomorrow is Day 12 and the end of the Cross Country Quilt Designers Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Hop. :(

Tomorrow's designer is Linda Lum DeBono. I have not met Linda in person, but I have seen her designs and they are way cool. I can't wait to see the project she has designed for us.

Tomorrow's topic: Craft, something you still make every year or made as a child....could be a craft gone wrong horror story. Should be tons of fun. See you then.

Happy Hopping.

From my heart,



  1. Love your use of quilts in decorating. Very cute all stacked up in a tier like a Christmas tree.
    Tomorrow's topic sounds like a blast. Can't wait to read all the blogs as you are all so entertaining!

  2. Your Christmas quilts are beautiful! Thank you for sharing how you use them in your wonderful home!
    Linda P in IL

  3. Thanks for sharing your decorating pictures, all good ideas, except for the quilt on the floor, too irreverent for me!

  4. I so love the train track under the tree, that is just so klever and fun! I also love the stack of quilts, looks like the kewlest tree ever to me!

  5. Thank you for the great quilt-use ideas. I have several quilts that are holiday-friendly -- all red, and white, with some green and beige thrown in there for good measure. Great blog!

  6. LOVE your ornaments from yesterday and that stack of quilts is a great idea - love your fabrics, keep it up!

  7. I love your quilts, and the colors you use. I can usually pick out which fabrics and patterns are yours, and they are all wonderful. Thank you for sharing the stories and the pics! Happy Holidays.

  8. Before this hop I didn't actually have any Christmas quilts for myself, I'd given a few though. DH claimed Gudrun's project and Little Bit claimed yours as hers since she "helped". So it has helped a lot.

  9. Thanks for the great ideas. I never would have thought of using one as a rug, but you're right, you can wash it. Maybe I'll be brave and try that one! I'm usually yelling at my kids NOT to step on the quilt! They won't know what to do!!! Thanks.

  10. Don't stop making all of those lines for Moda... I have a bit of the last 3 or so... and am looking forward to the next 2 or 3 that I know about. I love, especially, how Gobble Gobble and Essence match so well. I also love how they and Frolic all have those flowers... you know the ones... I find them all so fresh and sweet. L'amour is going to break me because I adore it and borwn and pink are some of my favorites.

  11. I never thought about about putting a quilt on the floor. I have to laugh when I show a large quilt a my guild....everyone walks around it very carefully, and this is after I have trod all over it while working on it. Do your guests tip toe around the edge of the quilts?? Thanks for taking time to do this blog!

  12. Thank you so so much for sharing a bit of your quilt collection with us and the new ways in which to display them!!!

  13. Great quilts and table toppers; thanks for the blog hop.
    Linda G

  14. I've always loved your moda lines. You just have a neat style. I would never have thought of putting quilts on the floor. And I love your prims, too.

  15. I was not brought around quilts. I learned to love the needle from Grandma but she wasn't a quilter, more of a mender and a BIG crocheter. (she taught me my love of crochet) Grandma did have a sewing machine - that I was eventually allowed to touch and my desire to "touch" only grew from there.

    Mom never had quilts and probably never even knew what a "quilt" was. My self-taught sewing lead me into quilting after years of garment sewing. Nowadays, you'll see just about anything coming out of my sewing room - from quilts to garments to home decor to my first love - sewing Christmas ornaments.

    You've given me some wonderful ideas on how to decorate with quilts. Thank you. Right now I'm in the process of making quilts for DD and DIL for Christmas.

  16. I love the way you stacked the quilts, it made them look like a Xmas tree. I thik I would have a coniption fit if I used a quilt as a rug. Of course I have very few of them in the house. I commneted elsewhere that I make quilts and give them away immediately. I am working on my quilt retention rate and hope to have a few of my own pieces living with me this coming year.

  17. I love the post office window with the quilts and Christmasy things!! It reminds me of when I was little and was allowed to go to the post office to pick up the mail. I thought the old post office was so cool, but in the late 60's a new one was built and the warmth and charm of the old one was gone forever. Thanks goodness for memories, though, as I can remember it like it was yesterday!

  18. I have quilts of all different sizes hanging on my apt. walls. I'm running out of room. *S* I think I might need to start the "fold and stack to the ceiling" one.

    I live alone, so the "on the floor" idea doesn't really bother me. I need to think about where that would work.

    Thx for all those pretty pics.

  19. I get what you're saying about putting a quilt on the floor. I do. And it appeals to me, but....I have 4 dogs who like to play tug-of-war with quilts, so.... I probably won't be doing that anytime soon. Still, it's a very appealing look!

  20. Oh... I just love your little Annie doll... with tiny square dress... sooo cute...and the make do´s... so so lovely...!! Are there a pattern for this somewhere!!!!???
    ANd the stack of quilts... just gorgeous... and after all that goodness.. you shows the Santas... oh Sandy... what a lovely creative life you have!!! ;o)

  21. I love your decorating ideas. Your home looks warm and inviting. Great pictures. Thank you.


  22. I have a birthday quilt my daughter gave when I turned 50 still hanging in my kitchen (nearly 7 years ago.) A charm quilt my Mom made on an endtable in the living room. A small little Christmas quilt-let on the other end table. A runner on the back of a chair for the cat. A flannel raggie quilt on the back of another chair for my small doggie. One I made my husband on our bed. After awhile, they don't seem like quilts to me but just part of how my house is set up. Though I know when they are being washed or not in their place, it seems cold and bare-like.

  23. The folded and stacked quilts look like a new fangled Christmas tree! Oh, to have that many quilts to fold and stack!

  24. Bellos, bellisimos edredones.Buena idea para suplir una alfombra.gracias

  25. I love all your Christmas quilt pictures, your decorating is so comfy. Now I want to get my Christmas stuff out too, but I can't put a quilt on the floor, my dog would drag it around quicker than Linus! If I was lucky enough to have been at market I don't think I could have stepped on your quilt either but the effect on your booth was wonderful. Thanks for sharing Hop.

  26. I love that pile of quilts! Someday...
    I give mine away so dont' have any to throw on the floor. I am working on a remedy for that though.

  27. Lopve your quilts in decorating. I don't know if I would out one on the floor though. But I'm making a chenille rug using quilting fabric.

  28. Love the way you decorate with your quilts. I don't have any Christmas quilts (yet). Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  29. I love all the ways you use your quilts, so fun. I also enjoyed the show of projects in the flickr group.

  30. Wow I love how you have decorated with quilts. But on the floor?? Oh my, I don't know that I could do that one yet :-) Well maybe for a baby or something ;-)

  31. I enjoyed seeing your Christmas quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  32. I don't think my house has the right ambiance for piles of quilts. But yours sure looks warm and inviting.
    Leslie S. in MN

  33. I love your decorating, you can come to my house anytime and decorate for me! Thanks for the ideas.

  34. Maybe when I've got as many quilts as you I would consider using one as a rug. But I'd really have to think about it first!! Love all your decorating ideas and your posts.

  35. Love your ideas on quilting decorations, I never thought about it, I'm not original as you are, lol, love the pics, btw

  36. I love the photo of the quilts stacked to the ceiling. Some day I will use that trick!

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  38. simply folded and stacked to the ceiling:Inspiritual! I have enjoyed the blogs, truly

  39. I'm using a couple of quilts as the curtains in my bedroom since I'm up to my ears in Christmas Projects and don't have time to make real curtains... I sewed/pinned a hanging sleeve on the back and hung them with a dowel. Easy peasy. I think I'll have to trade them out for some seasonal two-fers next year.
    I like displaying the quilts in my room. I might have to try the quilt carpet too.

  40. I've loved reading about the desinger's and their projects! Thanks again for hosting this giveaway!!


  41. Loved your idea on the christmas tree quilt tower. I am always on the look out on how to display quilts when you have alot of them.