Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Hop Day 7

Hello, welcome to day 7 of the Cross Country Quilt Designer Blog Hop. My goodness the days are just flying by.

Kari Carr from New Leaf Stitches is the featured designer for the day.
I can't wait to see what she has designed. Hop on over and check it out.

Topic for today is: Decoration/ornament, something you love/loved or were given.

Waaaay back when before I designed greeting cards, patterns or fabric I designed and sold finished craft items to a few shops in our area. The Cottage in Ft. Dodge Iowa (a fabulous shop but no longer in business) and The Hen House in Spencer, Iowa - still in business. I did this "crafting" in the basement of our very old, cold and damp unfinished basement. Daughter Abby spent a lot of time sitting beside me while I made my products.

I made dozens and dozens of these little cuties.
Wood and calico.
It was the thing back then.

When Abby was about 10 years old she made this Santa all by herself.
I can still remember her drawing the pattern free hand on unprinted newspaper.

She hadn't quite grasped the concept of right sides together, stitch and turn.
I don't know if you can see in the picture
but she used a stapler to attach all of the various body parts together.
(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Now there's a face you gotta love.
She drew it with color crayons.

Abby's Santa has some neck issues - it is unable to support Santa's head.
He always has to sit in front of my little red cubby
so I can tack his hat to the cubby.

Every year I display this Santa with the rest of my Santas. Each Santa is special in a different way. Someday I will re-gift him back to Abby.

Although I do not do a lot of Santa dolls, (that is my sister's specialty) I have designed several Santa quilt patterns over my 15 years of designing.
Here are just a few.

#192 Santa's Christmas Card.
This pattern was designed in 2001
and it is still one of my best selling patterns.
#155 All Things Christmas

#195 1890 Santa
I use this as a rug in my living room at Christmas time.

Now hop on along to the other designer's blogs to see what ornament or gift has found a special place in their heart.
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Pam Kitty Morning, New Leaf Stitches, Whimsicals, This 'N' That, Miss Rosies,Rosebud's Cottage, Linda Lum DeBono

Tomorrow Day 8 Terri from Whimsicals will be the featured designer.

Make sure you stop by her blog. Don't forget to leave a comment.

The topic for tomorrow is: First Christmas on your own.

Happy Hopping,

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  1. A girl after my own heart, where she used staples I use duct tape! LOL Great decorations.

  2. I'm sure that Santa is a favorite. Those staples hold all the memories inside :)

    I'm loving the Santa's Christmas Card pattern!! Just adorable.

  3. Ornaments that mean the most to me come from the heart. We still have ornaments that our children made from when they were little tykes, like your Abby.

    Trust me - these are cherished because one of our daughters passed away just before her 13th birthday and her ornaments bring back rushing memories of love each and every year when I open the decorations box.

  4. Gotta love that Santa and using the staples - what kid isnt fascinated with one. I have done so many of your designs for so many occasions, but the Christmas ones are especially fun!! Thanks Sandy.

  5. I love the Santa and the staples. Hopefully you will teach Abby to sew so she's not putting her kids Halloween costumes together with a stapler when she's older. Not that I ever did that (no matter what my Mother might say) Cute post.

  6. so little funny story for you,unrelated to your post. I was at a LQS yesterday looking for a pattern I saw on the 100 block tour and they had some of your patterns. I got all excited and thought to myself "hey! I know her! She's so cool!" and then I remembered I only "know" you via your blog and you don't "know" me...I felt silly, but glad I didn't have to tell it to anyone in the store =)

  7. Love your daughter's Santa. Maybe you need to adapt it to a pattern to sell. Love her creative way of joining the pieces together!!!

  8. Precioso Santa, cada uno inspirado en el momento vivido. Gracias.

  9. if staples work, why not?
    My mom had a styrofoam ball that I had "glittered" my name on, stuck a pipe cleaner in for a hanger ( I must have done this when I was about 3, so you know someone else had to 'write' my name in glue ).. I have that ball and it goes on my tree every year... brings tears to my eyes that Mom can't see it,, that's wrong, she CAN see it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Beth in Dallas

  10. Thanks for sharing the sweet Santa Abby made. My youngest son decided he would make a snowman the other day - he asked if he could use some of my styrofoam balls and some toothpicks. Lickety split, he had it made. He drew the face with pen and added three buttons down the front, also in pen. I cherish these spur of the moment projects because they truly come from the heart.

  11. ahhh love love love your patterns...

  12. Your designs are as cute as a button. Clever thing, you!

  13. what a great memory - and how special!

  14. I love, love, love your daughters Santa! It is adorable!

    Growing up mom had a tradition of making or buying ornaments for my sister and I each year.

    My husband and I have continued the tradition by making an ornament for each other. The ornament needs to be something that reminds us of that year together. His are usually carved out of wood, and mine are usually scrapbooked or sewn!

  15. Abby's santa is adorable. What a priceless treasure!

  16. I am trying to make Trees Up, Lights On, but am having trouble with the second section. I just cannot get the pieces to line up and be straight after I sew them and then upon them up.

  17. I remember the wood and calico items. I had quite a few of them. they were so cute! Your daughter's Santa is adorable.

  18. I have a reindeer my daughter made
    in kindergarten and it is the best. She is 24 now and she always wonders why I keep putting it out but secretly she loves it. She's admitted it now. :) Thank you for all you've shared with all of us. You gals are the best!!

  19. LOL the doll and the Santa are adorableeeeeeeeeee!!!!, love your Santa pattern

  20. I love your Santa's and the memories that go with them.

  21. Love all your designs. Your daughter's Santa is precious. Thanks for sharing.


  22. Thank you for sharing Abby's Santa with us.... I am sure he is very precious to you!


  23. Abby's Santa is just great, love the stapler idea!

  24. I love all the non-traditional Santas !

  25. Love your quilt patterns. And your daughter was very creative at 10!

  26. What a cute Santa. Love your patterns.

  27. Hey it’s your favorite and only daughter Abby!

    Oh my poor Santa, he makes me smile every time I see him.

    The only part I and really remember clearly about making this Santa is stapling him together!

    I remember after I had stuffed everything I kind of had an “oh crap” moment because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get Santa (now that he was stuffed) through the sewing machine.

    I can remember the stapler, it was black. As soon as I saw the stapler I didn’t even thing twice, I just started stapling away :)

  28. Loving your posts and reading about the designers. Thanks so much for doing this!