Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Hop Day 5

Hello, and welcome to Day 5 of the Cross Country Quilt Designer’s Blog Hop.
I must say I am totally amazed at how many people are following our hop. Do you enjoy getting to know us - or is it the prize you are after? Let me tell you I would be after the prize.

1st Prize A gift bag worth $250
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3rd Prize A gift bag worth $40

To be eligible for the prize you need to leave a comment on all 12 designer's blogs.
Some of you have had trouble commenting on my blog, and others. Some of you said you can only do it anonymously. If you have to do it anonymously, please just put your email address at the end of the comment. That way if "anonymous" wins we know who to contact.

Today the featured designer is the very talented and pretty Heather from Anka's Treasures.
Hop on over to her blog to see the project she has created for you to make.

The topic of the day is: A Santa Story.

Santa Claus always came to Christmas at Hank and Evelyn's house. (Our surrogate grandparents.) We would have a huge meal with two kinds of meat and all the trimmings. The rule was all of the dishes had to be done before Santa Claus could come. (This was their way of getting us kids to help with the dishes.)

After what seemed like FOREVER
our fingers were shriveled and the dishes were done.
Now we could pass out the presents.

Suddenly there would be a rap on the big picture window.
All of us kids would run from window to window to wave at Santa.
He would go completely around the house before he came in the back door.

As soon as Santa came in I would run and hide.
I was really afraid of Santa Claus, therefore
we do not have any pictures of me and Santa.
It is amazing, as an adult, how often I need one.

I grew up, married, had children and started our own tradition. Every Christmas Eve we would go to the children’s mass where a story about Baby Jesus was read. After church we would drive around and look at all of the pretty Christmas lights. After the light tour we headed home for a light meal of soup and appetizers. (Served on my green plaid dishes.)
Then it was off to bed so Santa could bring the gifts.

All to soon the kids grew up and no longer believed in the big guy. They are now 29 and 27, but we still wait until they go to bed before we put the presents in their chairs.

We do not put the presents under the tree.
Instead I display my antique toys under the tree.

Bruce’s old train circles the tree.
The Krazy Ikes are the ones that Mom gave me.

Anthony meeting Santa for the first time.

Abby meeting Santa for the first time.
(When you are the second child there are never any pictures of you alone.)
Looks like Santa could use a brow bleaching.

Guess what Santa brought this year?
Oakley sunglasses - they asked - Santa delivered.
We had planned a Christmas ski trip and they wanted to look cool on the slops.
They look pretty cool standing in front of the Christmas tree.

Anthony looking very pleased with the digital camera that Santa gave him.

Abby looking very festive in her red and white polka dot pajamas.
She has taken the ribbons from her packages and tied them in her
hair and around her neck. Silly girl.

Even though the kids are all grown up, we still go to the Children’s mass on Christmas Eve. I never tire of hearing the Baby Jesus story.

After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about? - Baby Jesus and Children.
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Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Tune in tomorrow when the topic will be: A Family Tradition.

The featured designer will be Pam from Pam Kitty Morning.

Happy Hopping

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  1. loving the blog hop - thanks for the stories...

  2. You're never too old for Santa - thank you for sharing!

  3. Very, very kewl story and yup, kids will always be our kids no matter their age!

  4. I'm getting a hoot reading everyones memories. Especially when they are so similar, or getting idea for the ones that are different

  5. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Having a great time reading everyone's memories and marveling at how similar they are to mine!

  7. Awwww... lovely memories. I think we are all connected by the same thread somehow. All of our memories weave together, don't they?

  8. Love all the christmas pics. This so makes me long for Christmas to be here.

  9. Such sweet pics and stories. Thanks so much for doing this with the bloggers out here. I am really enjoying it!

  10. I enjoy knowing there is a prize, but I have a new obsession (that's a bit strong...) I mean liking for blogging... and I really love to find new quilting blogs!

  11. Thanks for sharing your families memories and pictures. The one with your daughter and the ribbons reminds me of what my sister and I doing the same thing.
    Liz in TN

  12. I love your drawings, especially of you hiding! Santa always came while we were at church for the Christmas Eve program. Mom always managed to forget something and had to go back into the house after we were loaded up in the car. It was such an exciting night!

  13. Nice story and pictures. I think all these memories help put us in the mood for Christmas.
    Thank you.


  14. You are SO organized! In our family, the youngest child got to deliver the presents from under the tree, so everyone sat there smirking at how big their stack of gifts was getting. *S*

    But you have them all arranged in their chairs!

  15. Oh we have the Christmas Eve tradition too. We like to let the kids open one little present after Church so they can go to bed with visions of sugar plums... LOL

  16. Sandy, what a lovely, lovely Christmas story! Especially the part about attending Christmas mass. It's so hard today to keep the materialism out of Christmas, especially when the stores have all their Christmas trees, decorations, etc. etc., up the day after Halloween!! We always had presents from Santa, and I think they were always special, not because of the present, but because of keeping the magic in Christmas. I made two big bags for my boys; these are their Santa bags and I look forward to putting in the one or two gifts they each really wanted so they can rejoice in Santa getting them just what they wanted.
    ---Amy Roth

  17. Our children are 24 and 25 and we also still go to Christmas church with other family members. My mom passed away 2 years ago and so some of our traditional things had to be changed to help make Christmas eve better for my Dad, we (2 sisters and 3 brothers and all our children) now go to his home after church, and let him open his gifts. After some good eats we all depart home and when the kids are gone to bed the gifts go in a special place on the sofa for them. Socks get filled and everything is ready for the morning. I Love Christmas and still feel the magic.

    Gale Lavers

  18. I like learning about the traditions of Santa. Thanks for sharing

  19. I'm finding out by reading the blog hop that Christmas Eve is as exciting as Christmas Day. It was always the same at our house. Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house - food, presents, hugs and kisses and more food - and GREAT cookies.

  20. Very sneaky, getting you to help with the dishes. I remember being so anxious, waiting to open gifts.

  21. I really like the antique toys under the tree! It might become a new tradition in our house, thank you!

  22. Love ALL of the Christmas stories and traditions. Seems there aren't quite as many traditions these days as there used to be with families. Everybody lives so far away and it's sometimes hard to get together for the holidays. My DD is expecting a baby in May and I'm hoping to create some wonderfule traditions for him/her even though we live in AL and she lives in CA.

    Thanks for the Blog Hop and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

  23. I have the same train as Bruce and I put it on the mantel at Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  24. What great stories so far! I love this Christmas themed blog hop. Makes it so much easier to get in the holiday mood!

  25. I feel the need to clarify...I am NOT coming for the prizes! I am having such fun each day visiting the blogs and reading stories. It has brought back a flood of memories for me!

  26. Who cares how old the kids are. You gotta have traditions!

  27. I'm enjoying the stories so much! The prizes are a nice bonus, but the real fun is in getting to know you all. What a treat!

  28. I love your tree and all the touches of red that we can see in your room - just beautiful!

    Quilter in Quakertown, PA

  29. Bella historia de navidad, tambien me sucede ya son mayores y no aqui estan todos, lo extrañare Esta Navidad, pero el es feliz ... eso es lo que importa, Todavia hay tres por aca.jaja Suficiente alboroto.
    No solo estoy Siguiendo por el premio, Sino Porque es la Manera de diseñadores Porque Comprender hijo, Cual ha sido su motivacion y Son fuente de inspiracion.

  30. I have a question, I thought we were just supposed to leave a commetn on who evers day it is. I alwasy start at your blog, because it'sbookmarked, then go to who evers day it is and leave a commetn on their blog, is this wrong?

  31. Love your family traditions. We had similar as children and then adjusted as we married and had our own families. Christmas is, of course, everyone's favorite time of year with all the decorations ad fun. Thanks for sharing. Karen

  32. Great story! We do the same with the presents on Christmas Eve. After all, if Santa is bringing presents, how can they be under the tree early? The older I get the more that I believe in Santa Claus. Yes, Santa is the best!!

  33. Just want to say I love your artwork that you put on your blog to go along with your stories. So charming! The pictures of your house are inspiring too. Thanks

  34. Thanks for the memories - Santa always came while we were at my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Frank's home on Christmas Eve. My mom always forgot something just before we would leave so my dad and I would go sit in the car while mom got whatever it was that she had forgotten. It took me quite a few years to figure that one out! Thanks for the fun holiday hop!

  35. I agree your never to old for Santa - If you don't believe your don't receive - Thanks for Sharing

  36. I mahaving a lot of fun gettign to know you all, and following some new blogs! the prizes are just the sprinkles on the icing on the cake (the free patterns are the iceing)

  37. I agree, I never tire of the story of baby Jesus. That's the real meaning of Christmas to me.

  38. Love the blog hop - and the many stories!

  39. I love all the stories, and am especially enjoying the similarities we all have. We, too, went to the children's mass and looked at lights and had a later supper. Our children are grown, but we still put out Santa gifts as you do. Fun, special memories.

  40. Hi Sandra! I love the pictures of Abby! I can't wait to make fun of her tomorrow! :)


  41. Aren't traditions great?! I never get tired of doing the same thing for Christmas every year. My 2 boys beg me to let them open 1 gift before they go to bed. Every year and the oldest is 24. And every year I let them open the one of my choosing. And it's usually a goofy gift. But they still ask every year.

  42. I love Baby Jesus stories, I usually go to Mass as well on christmas eve

  43. Oh I love some of your traditions, I may have to adapt them to fit our family.

  44. Thanks for sharing your family with us. I'm really enjoying this hop and reading all the fun stories.

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  46. Deleted my previous comment when I realized I had really mispelled a word.....Anyway...The prizes are really nice but I am a big fan of reading stories. I just love reading about everyone's Christmas memories and the fun thing is that sometimes someone writes about something that triggers a memory of my own that I had forgotten. I love it when that happens! And yes, even when the kids grow up some things just stay the same. Our kids are 33 and 39, married and a grandson but the stockings are always hung here and filled to the brim. Just knowing we gather together and enjoy the time together is a gift. I am almost finished with your little pattern you shared. I liked the size of it when it printed to the 8 1/2 x 11 page so went with that and adjusted accordingly. :-)

  47. What fun! I put antique toys under my tree too!

  48. Thank you for the peek into your home and family. It has been fun reading everyone's stories.

  49. I just heard a funny 'Santa'story this past week from a good friend. Her 5 year old grandaughter told her she was not going to tell anyone what she wanted for Christmas because, 'If Santa is real, he will know what I want without telling you Grandma!' They are counting on the fact that she will have to 'send' a letter to the South Pole which they will have to intercept I'm sure! Marsha S.

  50. Loving all these posts so far and all the projects!

    Thanks for the giveaway!