Monday, January 18, 2016

Moda all-Stars All in a Row Blog Hop Day 2

Hello and welcome to Day 2
 It’s a Beauty of a Book and Social Media Hop: Moda All-Stars All in a Row 

Today's bloggers are Corey Yoder and Janet Clare.

Below (in blue type)  is the copy written by Jennifer Keltner to introduce these two lovely contestants.

Miss Corey Yoder may call herself (Little Miss Shabby) wearing her row BIRDIES AND TREES---but we know you'll love her style and be all atwitter over the forest of fir trees and little fast-to-fuse appliqued birds on her row. After spending six years as Santa's Elf at the local mall, its no longer possible for Corey to finish a holiday project without including at least one Santa hat---so look for that sassy little addition to one of the birds. Remind your inner elf that Christmas is coming soon and imagine whipping up one of these rows with a birdie to represent every member of your family. Let's hear your sweetest bird whistles in salute to Miss Corey Yoder!  
Sadly I do not have a pageant picture of Corey.

Corey Yoder, a Santa's elf for six years...can't imagine what her toes look like!
Check out Corey's blog and row here.

This next row may either delight or terrify you depending on your perspective. Cheerio and hello to Janet Clare (our one and only UK entry to the pageant ) wearing her row BUNNY PLAYDATE. If bunnies are your favorite woodland creature, you're sure to be delighted her row. Unless, you're a gardener and, like my husband, bunnies are public enemy number 1, then avert your eyes. But we think it's all a romp through the meadow and chasing butterflies. Fast to fuse and stitch in place, Janet shares a brilliant tip in the book about using a small brass brad attaching the leg and body pattern pieces together to determine the bunny positions as you wish. That way, no two bunnies need to be identical as they hop across the row.

Janet at the pageant - rock'n her row.

Today's picture is a before and after.
#*@! rabbits!
Check out Janet's blog and row  here.

The Deal of the Day is:

Proud Peacock- a PDF pattern using a Charm Pack. 
Regular price is $8.50 - on sale today for $6.50.

Stop back tomorrow to read all about Me and My Sister and Barbara Brackman and to see their pictures.
AND find out what the Deal of the Day is.

Have a Beauty-ful day!
From my heart,

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