Monday, January 18, 2016

Moda all-Stars All in a Row Blog Hop Day 1

Hello and welcome to
 It’s a Beauty of a Book and Social Media Hop: 
Moda All-Stars All in a Row 
Everyday I will be featuring the two bloggers, a picture that I paint using the blogger's row or quip as inspiration for the painting AND a Deal of the Day. 
So keep reading.

The star-studded festivities for Martingale's book  Moda All-Stars All in a Row begins TODAY! It all starts with A Beauty of a Blog Tour: get up close and personal with 24 popular Moda designers as they make each other’s rows from the book! More details about the Beauty of a Quilt-Along and the Beauty of a Contest (big big fun) are coming soon—follow the new FACEBOOK PAGE for updates. You won’t want to miss a thing!

Today's bloggers and row makers are 
Brenda Riddle and Carrie Nelson

Martingale presented a school house  at Fall Quilt Market, featuring all of the participating designers and their rows.
It was a beauty of a schoolhouse - as in a beauty contest.
Yes each of us designers were contestants in the Beauty of a Book Beauty pageant. We all sashayed down the runway wearing our rows as sashes.
The very talented Jennifer Keltner emceed the event.
Each day I will reprint Jennifer's little quips about the two blogging designers.
I will also paint a picture that will represent each of the two bloggers each day of the hop.
AND - we will have a Deal of the Day every day of the blog hop!
Blogging today are Brenda Riddle and Carrie Nelson.
Below (in blue type)  is the copy written by Jennifer Keltner to introduce the pageant followed by quips for each of today's bloggers.
And KNOW that EVERYTHING you hear about the rows/patterns/books is most certainly true. And EVERYTHING you hear about the designers who made them…WELL, we’ll leave that up to you to separate the fact from the FICTION. But remember, in this pageant, sarcasm IS a form of WIT. I’m your hostess—Jennifer Keltner, Publisher and Chief Visionary Officer for Martingale.

Now without further ado …ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the first of the “Miss All in a Row All-Stars.
Seven time international double Dutch jump roping champion, and talent contest winner dazzled our judges with her ability not only to jump rope, but twirl her own two ropes while
she did it..Its Brenda Riddle (Acorn Quilt and Gift Company) wearing her row GARLAND KNOT Inspired by her unique talent, she chose to incorporate double nine-patch blocks and a knotted garland of leaves and berries. But dont worry, you wont be tied up in knots trying to complete this row. Its simple, fast, and fun to fuse the leaves and berries and stitch them in place in no time.

Brenda's body double - Moda's very own Debbie Outlaw.

Brenda Riddle..A jump roping champ.

Representing a combo state, please welcome Miss ARIZ-EXAS--Carrie Nelson (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co/Moda Multiple-Hat Wearer and Social Media Guru) wearing her row ROW HOUSES. Known for her literal take on almost everything, Carrie put her houses. “All in a Row”….get it -ALL IN A ROW. A part-time realtor wannabe, Carrie has some advice for re-creating her pieced houses. “Don’t worry about matching all the fabrics, Carrie says. Just pull what you like and go for it. Every neighborhood has that one house that doesn’t quite fit. And that’s what makes the neighborhood awesome.”

When you spend as much time in the gym as Carrie, 
why not wear a bathing suit instead of an evening gown?

Carrie Nelson... A wannabe realtor.

The Deal of the Day is:
 Homey - a PDF pattern using a Charm Pack. Regular price is $8.50 - on sale today for $6.50.

Stop back tomorrow to read all about CoreyYoder and Janet Clare and see their pictures.
AND find out what the Deal of the Day is.

Have a Beauty-ful day!
From my heart,

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