Friday, October 9, 2009

We Have A Winner

The contest is over and we have a winner. Well, actually more than one person guessed the right answer.

Edna was the first person to say a "flower cart" so she will win either a Frolic Layer Cake™ or a Jelly Roll™.

I then went to and the winner of the second Layer Cake™ or Jelly Roll™ is Lizzie.
Would each of you please email me your address and your precut preference.

A Flower Cart
I liked your ideas of a frog riding a bike pulling a flower cart -
however, maybe you read wrong - I said I had 7 days to build this not 70 days.

A little about booth set up. This is what we start with.
Once again I forgot to take a picture of my empty booth,
so I took one of Lynn Hagmeirer’s instead.
(Fall’s under the too stupid to blog category.)

This year my booth has a flower shop/fabric shop theme. I apologize for the bad photography.

The end result after working 2 days in a non-air conditioned building - the air is not turned on until the show starts. - The air is again turned off during take down :(
Did I mention the temp here was 94° on set up day
and the humidity was 200% - or some ridiculously high figure.

By now I am really too tired to blog so I will just post some picture with no captions. Sorry it is the best I can do with the few brain cells I left. Hopefully after a good nights sleep my cells will be rejuvenated.

Again I apologize for the bad blog.
Good night.
From my heart,


  1. What a great're not a bad blogger...this is a great post! Love the honeybuns (or are they jellyrolls?) in the flower pots! Congrats to the winners!

  2. No need to apologize. Your booth looks fabulous as usual. Wish I could see it in person!

  3. Looks beautiful to me! Wish I was there!

  4. I think the blog is wonderful and gives us an idea of what you go through for market. Only creative geniuses could do this and I don't fall into that category so I am so immpressed with what you have done. The quilts, fabric and everything about Frolic is adorable. Love it!!

  5. I adore the owl pillow in the first pic! And I'm sorry to hear that they turn the a/c off during set up-and it was miserable hot this week too.

  6. Your booth is darling! You are an amazing designer!

  7. It's beautiful Sandy!
    Congrats to the winners, I can't wait to get some Frolic!

  8. Oh, it looks awesome! I don't think any of us could figure out what the handles for the cart were! They looked like metal frogs legs! HAve fun and get some sleep--and you're not a bad blogger--no one is judging but you!

  9. Hi Sandy! Things in your booth are looking great . . . lots of colour and lots of eye candy to look at. The floor is really standing out very nicely also - great job! I know how exhausting it is to put a booth together and I think you've done wonderful! I hope you have a successfull market. - Marlene

  10. Congratulations to the Winners!

    Your booth looks FANTASTIC Sandy! about all those scraps you had...
    You had SO many requests for them to be given away too... Are you gonna try it?!
    If so, count this as my bid! =-)

  11. Wonderful pictures and your booth is so inspiring and the quilts are simply gorgeous. I especially loved the jelly roll flower pots. Thanks for sharing quilt market with us. I love it!!!

  12. Congratulations to the winners, wish I had been one of them! Your booth looks terrific and, captions or not, you are NOT a bad blogger! I'm certain your Market experience will be a big success and can't wait to try some of your patterns. The owl is too cute and the blue birdies adorable; the colors frolicky!

  13. Your booth is beautiful! And I love the new fabric line! I can't wait to get some of it in the stores. Happy Quilt Market!

  14. Thanks for sharing, I so wish I was there this year, so the blogs make it easier for me. I just discovered a pack of Gobble Gobble charm packs and Jelly rolls in my stock room this morning. I am hoping the modabakeshop challenge will direct people my way! Thanks for creating such great fabric and fun easy patterns. It makes my job much easier! Julie

  15. Love, love, love your fabric!!

  16. A great big thank you Sandy! The Flower Cart is awesome as is your Quilt Market booth, fabrics, patterns, and blog. My granddaughter has already requested a quilt from the Frolic Jelly Roll. Thank you again for your generosity.

  17. As always, your booth looks just adorable! The fabric line looks way cute too. Can't wait to design something with it. Love the bright colors combined with the black.

  18. I love, love, love your booth! I wish you would have a drawing for your beautiful samples! I would be so proud to own anything you have displayed in your booth. I LOVE your look! IT's what made me start quilting in the first place. Keep up the great work! I am always loving it!

  19. I'd love to see some more close up pictures of the adorable pillows that were made.

  20. It was a beautiful blog--no apologies. Thank you for sharing your lovely booth! :)