Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Odds and Ends

This post has a variety of subjects - non large enough to devote a whole post to, so I will just post some odds and ends.

First off I was not able to get this picture to post off of my laptop when I did my market post.
If it were not for these 3 fantastic girls, I would not have had 8 finished quilts and 9 wool projects displayed in my market booth.

Great job girls!
Lori, Sandy K., and Lois
Thanks for your dedication - I could never do it without you.

Next subject: The Des Moines Marathon

As a mother it is very difficult for me to watch my son run a marathon.
To me it is scary. The ambulance is always coming and going.
I cannot even image running 26.2 miles.
Our son Anthony and his girlfriend Deb trained all summer for this marathon.
Their goal was to finish under 5 hours.

They both met their goal.

Congratulations Anthony and Deb!

It was very cold Sunday in Des Moines.
We spectators wore winter coats, hats and mittens.
When the runners finished they were wrapped in "Mylar"??? blankets.
Anthony with his "blankie". Can you hear his teeth chattering???

I learned a lot about marathons this weekend. I learned they have what is called a pacer. This is a person who runs along with a group of people who want to finish in a desired time frame (theirs was under 5 hours) to pace them and sort of be their coach.

This man was their pacer.
I don't know his name but I do know he ran a full marathon
in Kansas City the day before this race.
Once again I don't understand - but wow my hat's off to him.

Next subject:
Jan and Pep Pateks anniversary.
Jan is having a contest to guess how many years she and Pep have been married.
I know but I shall not tell.
Hop on over to Jan's blog http://www.janpatek.blogspot.com/
to wish them a happy anniversary and make a guess. Guess right and you might win a Blessings Jelly Roll™ . Hurry up - you only have until Saturday to guess.

Jan and Pep on their wedding day.
What a great looking couple.
Happy Anniversary!
That's all for now.
From my heart,


  1. Hi Sandy, I didn't have a chance to go to market this time, but I just met with my Moda rep and ordered Frolic. I simply can not wait for it to arrive! I also run marathons and from runner to runner I just want to tell your son and his wife WAY TO GO!!

  2. Your team did a beautiful job getting you all ready for market, from the pics you posted of your booth! As for marathons, you cannot pay me to run so I am always amazed at people who LOVE it enough to do marathons. Congrats to your son and girlfriend.

    Hmmm, anniversary, I'll have to think.

  3. Never heard of Mylar but ...if it works....
    And, congrats to Anthony and Deb for tackling their goals!!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  4. Oh My! A marathon of sewing is the only one I could ever accomplish. Kuddos to them!

  5. a marathon.. i applaud all who can complete a marathon! & you are very lucky to have a super dedicated team that was there to help you finish all of those beautiful quilts in time!!

  6. The colors on the quilt are fantastic! Great job! And thanks for posting



  7. I can't believe it, I was wanting PopCorn Balls today and you posted the recipe and I make that same Jello recipe, well I don't think mine calls for Mayonnaise but mine doesn't fall over either, it's always a big hit and everyone loves it, Love Your Little Project, I'm at work so can't download the pattern but it's really cute, Thank You, Bj in Arizona.